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China Post 1 American Legion Riders
Membership Requirements Resolution Establishing the Legion Riders

The membership requirements for the American Legion Riders are very straightforward. To become a member, you must…

…be a current member of China Post 1, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion.
…own a motorcycle (at least 350cc) or be the spouse of an owner who is an American Legion Riders member.

Everyone is someone in LuckenbachSome of the Dragon Riders in Luckenbach, TX

Vest FrontVest Back






Here are a couple of pictures of some of the Dragon Riders that participated in Rolling Thunder and the Run for the Wall

cp1 at the wall rp 2


From Tom McCann:
My friend Patrick Hughes, natl photog for rolling thunder, took this at the wall . know these fellows? Ironically way in the background is the actor Robert Patrick who rides every year from California. this year on his new bike Rosalita. Note the sentiment on Rosalitas saddlebags . ‘shoes’